Later Life & Dementia

Work in this area is led by a Clinical Psychologist and a Dementia Nurse Specialist, with extensive experience and expertise working with people with a range of later life challenges and conditions, particularly progressive neurological conditions such as dementia.

As part of the Arbor team, we also have quick and seamless access to other allied health professionals including speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and clinical neuropsychologists all with experience of working with people with progressive neurological disorders.

We are therefore well placed to offer specialist assessment, intervention, carer support and training to help people and their families live well with a range of conditions associated with ageing.

We can offer neuropsychological assessments to support the diagnostic process, to inform interventions and to establish baselines for monitoring change, as well as capacity assessments and support with Best Interest decisions.

We understand the importance of post-diagnosis support for people and their carers and offer psychological therapy sessions to advise and support with the adjustment process.

We can also provide support for family members caring for someone living with a progressive neurological condition. This can include advice and support with managing behavioural difficulties, increasing care at home or transitioning into care and individualised care planning.

We recognise that young-onset dementia has unique challenges and it can be difficult to find appropriate support and services. We offer individualised support and care-planning for families in this situation.

Based on specialist assessment, we can provide individualised support and training into care home settings to enable staff to provide evidenced-based, person-centred care to reduce the behavioural challenges and distress associated with living with dementia. This may include staff training sessions to improve knowledge and practise, or reflective practice/supervision sessions, all of which are proven to help with staff retention and well-being, increasing resilience when working with this client group.

Our Later Life & Dementia Team

I suffered a severe closed head injury in 1994 and had difficulty coping and learning to live with the various problems it gave me, placing me into a deep depression. I struggled with communication, remembering information and managing my behaviour. By working with Kesta and Sarah, I was taught coping strategies, learning techniques and the tools I need to help me deal with and understand the ‘new me’, helping me to move forward. Accepting the effects of my head injury and coming to terms with it is hard to do. Through their help and training, I now have the insight and tools I need to cope with my difficulties and deal with the challenges I face. Not only did I find the psychological and academic support extremely important, it was their care and understanding that helped me to adjust.

G, previous client,

I had a RTC a year ago and sustained 2 bleeds to the brain, and a concussion amongst other injuries. I had a lot of rage, depression, stress, and self pity. I worked with Kesta and trusted her immediately she put me at ease so quickly and easily, now we have finished our sessions I am a totally new and confident person, she is nothing short of a miracle worker, she is such a lovely and caring person always had my interests at heart, I can’t praise her enough. She will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Kesta, you’re absolutely fabulous.


I have worked with Dr Purt for several years in her capacity as neuropsychologist with a number of my brain injury clients. She has worked with clients and families with a variety needs.

Kesta is skilled at developing rapport with clients and their families using a clear, empathetic and client centred style. She works well with clients and families who are difficult to engage and assists them to develop appropriate goals to address their psychological and cognitive needs. Kesta is a valuable member of the multidisciplinary team and works clearly and collaboratively with others including professionals and care staff.

Lucy Callus,
Case Manager,

An extremely thorough and comprehensive report and Sarah’s experience and professional knowledge shine through.

Occupational Therapist and Care Expert,
Somek & Associates,

S suffered a brain haemorrhage which impacted both speech and comprehension. Sarah Gibbin works with S at home most weeks and S has improved greatly during this time. Sarah motivates by recognising interests and always changing the tasks before frustration sets in. S has a great relationship with Sarah and looks forward to her sessions, we would recommend Sarah to anyone.

S and family,

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