Occupational Therapy 

All Arbor Occupational Therapists are members of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, HCPC registered and experienced within the field of neurorehabilitation.

​Occupational Therapists are skilled at considering an individual’s physical, psychological, social and environmental needs to assist participation in daily activities.

​Therapists will work with individuals to promote optimal functioning and independence within their activities of daily living, access to community, and both social and vocational settings.

​Interventions are often undertaken within the client’s home, workplace or other community settings, with implementation of appropriate strategies and consideration of assistive technology recommendations. Liaison with other agencies and social care providers will be undertaken where appropriate.

Our Occupational Therapy Team

S suffered a brain haemorrhage which impacted both speech and comprehension. Sarah Gibbin works with S at home most weeks and S has improved greatly during this time. Sarah motivates by recognising interests and always changing the tasks before frustration sets in. S has a great relationship with Sarah and looks forward to her sessions, we would recommend Sarah to anyone.

S and family, Bristol


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