Arbor physiotherapists are all registered with the HCPC and have specialist knowledge and skills in neuro-rehabilitation. We work with people who have physical symptoms caused by a neurological injury or condition to maximise their physical independence or support the physical management of their condition.

Our physiotherapists carry out a thorough assessment and discuss individual rehabilitation goals to establish a personalised plan for intervention. This intervention may be focused on improving underlying physical impairments, increasing functional ability or a combination of both. Physiotherapy may include: posture and spasticity management, balance and gait re-training, aquatic physiotherapy (hydrotherapy), individualised exercise programmes, support to return to previous exercise activities or establishing new participation in structured exercise.

Appointments can take place at home, in a clinic or at a community exercise facility, depending on an individual’s needs and goals. We work with family members, support workers and personal trainers by providing training and advice to support the implementation of our rehabilitation programmes and maximise physical progress.

Our Physiotherapy Team

S suffered a brain haemorrhage which impacted both speech and comprehension. Sarah Gibbin works with S at home most weeks and S has improved greatly during this time. Sarah motivates by recognising interests and always changing the tasks before frustration sets in. S has a great relationship with Sarah and looks forward to her sessions, we would recommend Sarah to anyone.

S and family, Bristol


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