Speech & Language Therapy 

Input from this discipline involves tailored assessment and therapy from an experienced and professional speech & language therapist who is registered with HCPC and the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (RCSLT). Our clinicians are all experienced in working in the specialist field of neurorehabilitation with individuals who have sustained both traumatic and acquired brain injuries.

Typically, speech and language therapists work with people who have acquired speech difficulties, altered language and communication skills or changes to their swallowing ability following a neurological event. Intervention frequently includes assessment, evidence-based therapy which may include impairment and functional input and ongoing monitoring and advice.

Additionally, therapists may work with family members, support workers or employers and can provide bespoke training and support packages as required. In some cases, individuals may benefit from technology and software to support their communication skills and this can be explored in therapy sessions.

Our Speech & Language Therapy Team

S suffered a brain haemorrhage which impacted both speech and comprehension. Sarah Gibbin works with S at home most weeks and S has improved greatly during this time. Sarah motivates by recognising interests and always changing the tasks before frustration sets in. S has a great relationship with Sarah and looks forward to her sessions, we would recommend Sarah to anyone.

S and family, Bristol


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