S and family

S suffered a brain haemorrhage which impacted both speech and comprehension. Sarah Gibbin works with S at home most weeks and S has improved greatly during this time. Sarah motivates by recognising interests and always changing the tasks before frustration sets in. S has a great relationship with Sarah and looks forward to her sessions, … Read more


An extremely thorough and comprehensive report and Sarah’s experience and professional knowledge shine through.

Lucy Callus

I have worked with Dr Purt for several years in her capacity as neuropsychologist with a number of my brain injury clients. She has worked with clients and families with a variety needs. Kesta is skilled at developing rapport with clients and their families using a clear, empathetic and client centred style. She works well with clients … Read more

RTC bleeds

I had a RTC a year ago and sustained 2 bleeds to the brain, and a concussion amongst other injuries. I had a lot of rage, depression, stress, and self pity. I worked with Kesta and trusted her immediately she put me at ease so quickly and easily, now we have finished our sessions I … Read more

G Previous Client

I suffered a severe closed head injury in 1994 and had difficulty coping and learning to live with the various problems it gave me, placing me into a deep depression. I struggled with communication, remembering information and managing my behaviour. By working with Kesta and Sarah, I was taught coping strategies, learning techniques and the … Read more